SEVENTEEN  offer a range of treatments, specialising in massages, body treatments and facials.  We have a home-based treatment room where we offer the following treatments.  Contact us to check availability and book an appointment.

Full Body Massage  £45

Runners’ Massage £30 – a great way to ease away the aches and pains; working on the legs and finishing with a back massage.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £25

Full Body Exfoliation – ideal for improving circulation and reducing cellulite £30

Signature Facial  £45

Express Facial £25

Indian Head Massage £30

Benefits of Massage

How can you benefit from having a massage?

A massage means different things to many people and there are lots of types of massage available.
Here’s the science: “By warming the muscle and physically stretching out the connective tissue, fresh oxygenated blood is brought to the muscle by increasing its flow which results in healthy, pliable muscles”. So what does this mean and what are the benefits; here are just a few:

* improves the health of the muscle
* improves the health of the connective tissue
* extends range of movement
* encourages good tone, symmetry and balance of the muscle
* beneficial for treating injuries
* beneficial for injury prevention
* effective at releasing and reducing muscular tension
* improves circulation
* encourages the removal of waste products such as lactic acid (we get a build up of this after exercise)
* stimulating nerve activity
* fantastic for relaxation and de-stressing!

These are just summarised benefits of massage. If you want to find out more, please ask questions on this page or private message us.