We usually suggest meeting up for a nutrition consultation to discuss your concerns about food and what you want to achieve.  This could be all round improved health and wellbeing, losing weight or sports performance.  We will consider your life-style, concerns about your health and what your goals are.  We will then put a food plan together for you. Food Plans

Some things to consider when we want to lose weight and eat well for optimum wellbeing
* Write down what you are eating. If we have to be honest with ourselves about what we are eating, it gives us more focus on eating well
* Losing weight isn’t just about calorie deficit: having the focus on expending more energy than calories consumed will only work in the short term
* If losing weight were easy, then we wouldn’t see the successful weight loss groups and “fad diets”
* We are what we eat; albeit very beautiful, sophisticated and highly honed, our bodies are machines and we will perform better in all aspects of our lives if we eat well and fuel our machines with the best nutritionally balanced diet. After all, you wouldn’t put 2 stroke into a Ferrari and expect it to perform!
* Very often, we eat when we are not hungry, because we are bored, stressed, upset or tired, to give just a few reasons. Thus, food becomes connected with our state of mind as well as just giving us fuel to survive. This is the area where we often struggle
* We see patterns emerge between what we eat and how we are feeling, so doing some trend analysis can really help to plan improvements with the way we eat and help us to feel better and achieve optimum wellbeing, be the weight that we are healthy and comfortable with and perform better

Seventeen has helped lots of people reach their desired weight, and keep to it, eat well for sports performance or to feel better in general. Please ask any questions and raise any concerns you have with us on our page, private message or book a consultation!